Who am I?

Well, I’m still answering that question — but I‘ll Tell you what I know so far…

I am an empath.

That means that I sense and feel emotional energy around me. I feel the pleasure, and the pain, that other people experience simply by being around them or hearing their story. My inherent intuitiveness, fierce loyalty, and instinct to look for ways to connect to other people on an emotional level are just a few of the benefits. As exhausting as being an empath can be, it helps me connect to all kinds of people who have traveled down roads I could never imagine. 

In advertising, I find this to be a huge advantage. Because I have a unique ability to enter the emotional state of the consumer, I can drop my preconceived notions about something and simply think and feel the way that somebody else does. This allows me to find the best and most unique ways to connect to that person or group. One of my greatest strengths is working with other people constructively and being able establish an open and accepting environment that fosters creativity. I am able to sense how those around me are feeling, and being so attuned to that energy allows me to appropriately alter the way I would communicate.

Of course I can only give you a snippet of who I am in an “about me”, but I hope I’ve shared enough of my personality to show you how I can be an asset to any team.